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Buyers Seminar

Free Virtual First Time Home Buyer Seminar


Welcome First Time Home Buyers!  Please register for our FREE virtual seminar that will cover the entire process in an interactive session with a panel of experts.  You can ask questions and get answers on the spot.  Here’s a quick list of topics we’ll cover:

        • An overview of the steps in the home buying process, from financial preparation all the way to closing (1year out to before closing)
        • Explanation of Credit requirements (What credit is needed – Debt to Income)
        • An overview of the mortgage process (Pre-approval, GFE, underwriting, conditions, closing)
        • The different types of home loans, with pros and cons of each
        • How to get the best deal on a loan (Credit score considerations, paying points, etc.)
        • Current mortgage rates, trends for the last few months, and rate predictions going forward
        • The current state of our housing market (Supply and demand, negotiating leverage, etc.)
        • The current inventory situation in our area (How easy / hard is it to find a home)
        • What happens on closing day and how to prepare for it
        • Benefits of an Agent (How much does it cost to work with a Buyers Agent/Listing Agent)
        • Benefits of Buying vs. Renting
        • Benefits of a Home Inspector and how they protect you
        • Timeline from under contract to close (We are under contracted, what happens now)
        • After closing- what to know- Maintenance, Escrow & Equity